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Why visit

Water is the most precious resource we have and only when it is gone will we understand the loss.

The current water loss through a variety of ways is 40% and higher depending on who is speaking but at 40% (recent symposium of Dept of Water and Sanitation Feb 2022) this is unsustainable and unacceptable.

Whether it be from aging infrastructure or unqualified/unsupervised people doing plumbing work (maintenance, construction) the fact remains that it is an issue to be addressed with urgency.


No matter what your job function is as one involved with water be it design or installation a visit to PLUMBING’S TRAVELLING EXHIBITION (PTE) is essential. So much so that we bring technology to your doorstep.

As building and construction increases in your area due to the government’s integrated housing policy the attention paid to water and waste becomes even more essential. Populations increase and urban areas grow and without the correct and proper water and waste design and installation the risk to people becomes greater if such design and installation is not done according to compulsory water and plumbing standards.

As a visitor you are able to engage with manufacturers and suppliers, SEE – FEEL – TOUCH the latest in technology as well as exchange your issues with them in order that they may understand the difficulties one is experiencing.

Various demonstrations will be held and workshops as well to provide further interaction with people whose business is water and waste.

To make life as easy as possible for one an electronic visitor form is available on this site making it easy to access the exhibition at the entrance.

The relaxed outdoor atmosphere makes for comfortable discussions and engagement.

Please do note that all current COVID -19 protocols will be followed as provided by Government. Sanitising and masks are compulsory, nonetheless.

As an engineer, town planner, building control/inspector, plumber, merchant, wholesaler or wanting to learn how to become a plumber this exhibition is a must for you.