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Visit PTE and earn CPD points

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When visiting the PTE in Pretoria on 6 October, if you a registered plumber with PIRB remember to bring your registration number with you.

This is required in order to earn the two CPD points for attending the exhibition. Also make sure one fills in the IOPSA attendance form to earn a further two points.

Visiting the exhibition and listening to the IOPSA talks is all part and parcel of ongoing learning and equally important is that one can talk to suppliers. While the supply chain of plumbing is normally through merchants, the supplier welcomes the opportunity to chat with the end user, i.e., the plumber and engineer as to any difficulties they might encounter and maybe add some ideas as to developing the product/system.

Plumbers are on the ground and they have to be flexible in terms of adapting to situations which can be different with each call.

So, the exhibition and the workshop provides the ideal opportunity to talk PLUMBING. Make the best of it.

Register online to visit the expo