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Plumbing Exhibitions for 2024

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The Plumbing Travelling Exhibition returns for its nationwide run in March.


The Plumbing Travelling Exhibition kicks off its 2024 season on 14 March 2024 in Bloemfontein. On the heels of its massive success in 2023, the exhibition will make its way around South Africa with an itinerary of five spectacular shows for the industry calendar.


Visitors to the exhibition can get a chance to check out the latest tech and products in the plumbing industry. Workshops and demonstrations will also be held.

Exhibitors are more than welcome to contact the organisers to book exhibition space for their product or service in one of the cities that the exhibition will be held.

The exhibition will move on from Bloemfontein and be held in Durban on 30 May. On 18 July it opens in Midrand for those in Gauteng, then it is in Nelspruit on 15 August. The final exhibition for 2024 will be held in the Vaal Triangle on 10 October.

Those who wish to visit the exhibition in any of these exciting venues are asked to pre-register online or register on the day.

Whether you wish to visit the exhibition or you wish to have a stall in any of the areas where the exhibition will be held, and for further information, visit