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How exhibitions give your business a boost

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Expos and shows are ideal for reaching your target audience directly. The Plumbing Travelling Exhibition (PTE) opens its 2024 season in Bloemfontein in March.

PTE Bloem
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PTE opens its 2024 season in Bloemfontein in March this year, offering visitors an opportunity to get more familiar with the latest trends and tech in the plumbing sphere. What is sometimes overlooked is how beneficial expos are for the exhibitors.

As suppliers and manufacturers, exhibitions mean that you get to connect directly with your target market. This means that attendees are more receptive to what you have to say, and they specifically came to see what is new in their specific field.

That personal touch of being able to be in the physical presence of clients and prospective clients cannot be underestimated. It provides a valuable opportunity to build a personal relationship with those who use your products – and you get to answer questions and listen to ideas. It isn’t often that companies get such a chance to interact with those that they are selling directly to.

Attendees will also be able to see, touch and possibly witness a demonstration of your new products or services. This goes a lot further than just an explanation pamphlet, as your clients get a chance to handle your product and see what it can do in real time.

Of course, these interactions could lead to sales being generated. Having that personal touch is always a good thing for clients to experience.

This also gives exhibitors a chance to network with other suppliers, service providers and potential clients. This is a brilliant learning opportunity for anyone, and it helps to bring greater understanding of products and clients to you.

Exhibitions and shows do bring their own rewards – some of which are intangible, such as networking. However, with so many things that are beneficial, shows and expos are worth engaging in to generate leads that come directly from your target market.