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How did it all start?

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The Plumbing Travelling Exhibition (PTE) comes to Bloemfontein on 14 March 2024. How did the exhibitions begin?

Visitors watch a demo at PTE Joburg 2023.
Visitors watch a demo at PTE Joburg 2023. Image Credit: Plumbing Africa

When the trucks roll into Bloemfontein’s Bobbies Park grounds for the PTE show on 14 March 2024, workers will be readying the grounds for the first Plumbing Travelling Exhibition for 2024. This year, PTE celebrates its third anniversary of bringing plumbing technology, innovation, education and information to the industry into major centres in the country.

PTE’s origins go back to the 1990s. For a large part of PTE’s life, it was known as PlumbDrain, but in 2021, the exhibition evolved from a static show to one that takes to the road and brings the latest in plumbing and informative workshops to the industry in major centres around South Africa.

Exhibitors provide demonstrations of products, educational talks and workshops are held and the plumber, who may not always have the time to travel to see what’s new with their suppliers, gets a chance to see and feel the latest items and technology available on the market.

Not just that, PTE ensures that products that are available at its exhibitions are SANS registered, so that you know that what you are looking at is compliant.

The PTE event begins at 11:00 on Thursday 14 March and concludes at 16:00 on the same day. Visit Events from March 14 – May 12, 2022 – Plumbing’s Travelling Exhibitions (PTE) ( for more information and to register. Entry to the event is completely free.