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Going to the heart of the areas

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When we launched PTE in 2022 the idea was to take technology to the areas that would not attend static/in-house events.

As the chart below shows, we can be pleased with the results in that they indicate more plumbers had the opportunity to attend and engage with merchants and manufacturers than ever before.

Significant as well is that PTE is independent, with only one object to bring plumbing technology to the areas without agendas, at independent locations and in numbers.

The percentages exclude the pre-registered visitors, who for various reasons did not attend, as we just wanted to show actual feet on the ground. Notwithstanding that, the list that exhibitors receive after the exhibition includes the pre-registered non-attendees.

The point to take from this is that the event offers not just an exhibition but a series of technical talks by IOPSA and SA Watermark which provides a holistic overview of the sector.

These percentages represent over 500 visitors, larger than received at our in-house exhibition, bearing in mind each travelling exhibition lasts for five hours and in-house for three days.

This does not mean in-house exhibitions are bad but serve a different function more in line with conferences/workshops, which Plumbing Africa will be looking at in the future.

Going to the heart of the areas