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Now entering its third year!

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By Rory Macnamara

Plumbing Travelling Exhibitions (PTE) has established itself as a workable and useful promotional platform.


PTE 2024

As we have developed and learnt we have seen that exhibitors are far more interactive with the demonstrations and products they are bringing to the exhibitions. This is exactly what the travelling concept is about: showing, feeling, touching and experience for plumbers who would not be able to visit a static exhibition in Joburg, for example. Visitor numbers vary depending on the places we visit – smaller places have fewer plumbers, and the value is in meeting them, exposing them to new technology or just the answering their questions.

The IOPSA talks, including some business input by professionals, makes for a complete visit. On the cards for 2024, is a dedicated demonstration area for those with larger demos and ones that may be inclined to be noisy, proving the strength of the product.

Generally, exhibitor feedback has been positive and complimentary. Of course, we have had some disappointments – but only one, where we learnt not to have an exhibition on a Tuesday! Nonetheless, the visitors that day were regarded as quality.

The exhibitions for 2024

14 March 2024 – Bloemfontein
30 May 2024 – Durban
18 July 2024 – Midrand
15 August 2024 – Nelspruit
10 October 2024 – Vaal Triangle

We look forward to PTE’s third year, where we will continue learning, educating and flying the plumbing flag.