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North West Province date change for PTE

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Due to a clash with Electra Mining on 8 September, the Plumbing Travelling Expo (PTE) will move to 25 August 2022 in Rustenburg.

As North West is a mining area it makes sense to move the date clear of the mining show. PTE brings a new dimension to exhibiting plumbing and related products and services by moving form area to area. This is in line with the successful Mining Travelling Expo we have held for 29 years.

The event, though not large in number, will bring to the exhibitors quality visitors as we and exhibitors have turned the static event, PlumbDrain, into an event that goes to the people rather than the other way around. A video is attached to demonstrate how the event operates and functions.

Whilst PlumbDrain remains the intellectual property of Interact Media Defined, it will be used for a series of workshops and seminars we plan to run throughout the year, together with PTE and independently when the need arises.